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Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
alecia reid has more from san francisco. >> the rain did not stop determined to shoppers same came prepared with umbrellas but some did not seem to water pelting. >> he has the higher cut for get and i do not really bother me. he does have the air cuhair cut -- and this persn as ready but this fan >> i cannot have an umbrella but i'm going to get one. >> this person had to purchase their last-minute gifts in the rain. >> i have been the lazy, procrastinating a >> and that down for could be a deterrent for those people that do not want to get their clothes wet or skipping over puddles. >> we thought that it would keep some people away but we got parking and we got a good day. >> it does not bother me we are still enjoying life. >>reporter: if you are waiting for a break it could be a while because it is also looking bleak. kron 4, alecia reed, kron 4better economic news for california today -- unemployment has dropped below the ten -percent. in a new jobs report -- the november jobs rate was nine- point- eight percent. down slightly from october. the improvement comes as something a
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
minute kron 4's alecia reid is on bay street in emeryville of those deals. . >> reporter: many people's shopping. and it deals. >> i got some jeans and a jacket. >> while there were finishing some had a last- minute shopping. >> i just found out what i should get so i made that decision, brave the rain, the cold, the crowd. >> the traffic was constant. all of the house a was a little bit much. >> it is difficult with the this-hassle--and the traffic hectic last-minute shopping it is a little bit difficult. (caroling) >> reporter: some of the entertainment was enjoyed by some. >> i love the atmosphere, a lot of people for be it is fun. >> reporter: walking a round can build an appetite so of course it is only right to grab something. >> we are going to grab some pizza. >> week robbed some hot dog, because we're hungry. we just-grabbed--a hot dog... banta went to h & m, and victoria's secret. >> the good news is that there is is still time to grab your caps. alecia reed kron 4 >> a deadly head-on crash on highway 1-0-1 killed a novato man this afternoon. it happened north of the central
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2